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Star Trac - 8UB Upright Bike

A gym standard that looks, feels and rides like anything but one. Take a classic, reliable standby category and give it a healthy dose of reliability, style and energy, that’s what you’ll find with each and every one of our upright bikes. From the ultra reliable, Morse Taper bottom bracket, to the eye catching modern design, our Star Trac Upright Bike delivers numerous intuitive, user friendly and comfortable features..

Performance Features
  • Dual platform pedals with ratcheting straps provide user with option for secure hold or strap-free platform
  • Dynamic Heart Rate Control® adjusts intensity level based on the user's heart rate for interval training
  • Easy-up seat adjust for simple seat position changes
  • Morse Taper bottom bracket and pedal system for extreme durability
  • Light weight aluminum frame for maximum corrosion protection
Product Details
Dimensions :58" H x 51" L x 25" W
Weight / User Weight Capacity :152 lbs. / 350 lbs.

Star Trac®

Star Trac® is dedicated to making exercise a compelling experience, so that people want to make health and fitness a lifelong commitment. Through a combination of user-friendly, innovative products and education, Star Trac® continues to change the way in which exercise and fitness influences peoples lives, from the beginner to the professional athlete.

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