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Zogics Wall Mounted Dispenser

Zogics Wall-Mounted Wipe Dispenser is a center pull unit that makes it easy to grab a wipe with just one hand. Durable and sturdy, this unit has no complicated moving parts and comes with mounting hardware. The simple center pull design eliminates needs for levers, dials, or cranks. The see-through, grey-colored dispenser allows staff/users to see when the Equipment Cleaner wipes are running low. When time for refill, simply open the dispenser utilizing the permanently attached key and follow easy step-by-step instruction.

Performance Features
  • Dispensing tension adjustable to reduce excess usage
  • Sleek style and easily visible
  • Locking hinged cover eliminates gym wipe pilferage (great for 24hr clubs!)
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Simple instruction for refill
Product Details
DIMENSIONS :10" w x 13" t x 10.5" d
WHAT'S INCLUDED :(1) one Upward Dispenser, (2) two Dispenser keys, Mounting Screws
MOUNTING HEIGHT :Recommended 48" above the ground
WEIGHT :10 lb
COLOR :Black base with black smoke lid
WARRANTY :1-Year. We Guarantee Zogics Gym Wipe Dispensers To Be Free From Manufacturer Defects For A Period Of 12-Months After Purchase.


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