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Instruction today comes in many forms. Virtual guided fitness coaching for group and personal training.

Aktiv Virtual

Functional Training on Demand™, Aktiv Virtual ™ guides members with expert level coaching, biometric personalization, and motivation for today's most popular workouts. The immersive workout experience will also help facilities that compete with today's high-demand studio-based offerings, largely structured around functional training modalities.

Movement coaching delivered via the system's 24-inch HD display interacts seamlessly with the audible guidance provided by a virtual master trainer. Master Trainers will ultimately be selected by gender, style, and language type. The system is optionally embedded into the company's proprietary Gym Rax® bay structure.

Includes :24" HD Display & Protective Enclosure; Floor Graphics Kit
Available Add-Ons :2-year Functional Training On Demand Subscription (includes AV+ Unlimited Updates and Display repair or replacement); On Demand Subscription (must be purchased in conjunction with 2-year Plan)
Option :Select Aktiv Virtual Kit to include Gym Rax Single Suspension Bay, RAX, and accessory options
Dimensions :39.5" L x 50" W x 94.5" H


Aktiv Solutions is the leader in functional training supply. Energizing and fun filled products designed to delivery dynamic training results.