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Peak Pilates - Premier Cadillac

As one Pilates practitioner testified, “Only good things happen on the Cadillac.” For most practitioners and Pilates instructors, the Cadillac is their favorite Pilates apparatus. Whether you are sitting, standing, kneeling, lying or even upside down, the springs, bars, mat and trapeze of the Cadillac can always be utilized creating the most diverse and intelligent Pilates experience. Whether it's used for a portion of a session or an entire hour the Cadillac is perfect for all clients and users from those needing rehabilitation of an injury to those needing a challenging advanced level repertoire.

Updated with a larger frame and 30-inch mat width for enhanced stability, the Premier Cadillac is beautiful and virtually indestructible.

Performance Features
  • Oak veneer legs & frame
  • Stainless steel pole system with galvanized canopy
  • Hardwood push-through and roll down bars
  • 30-inch mat width for enhanced stability
  • Complete spring system
Product Details
Dimensions :84" H (overall); and 24" H (mat) x 26.5"n W x 84" L
Color :Oak wood finish with black upholstery

Peak Pilates

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