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Stroops SXR Rower

Stroops Collapsible Rower combines precision engineering and quality materials to forge a rower built to last.

Push yourself to the limit with a rower that will last with you through the highest intensity workout.
Great to get your heart rate going and build muscle at the same time.

The SXR Rower by Stroops is a premium piece of cardio equipment that features a portable design.
Simply collapse the rower at its center, fold it up, and roll it out of the way.

This rowers versatile design allows you to easily store the rower and save space.

Performance Features
  • SXR Rower Features:
  • Adjustable Damper allowing you to change the resistance of the machine to push harder and move faster.
  • Non-Slip Handle to help you hold on even when pushing yourself to the max.
  • Tilting Display Screen to set goals, see your self improve, and track your progress.
Product Details
Weight: 110 lbs
Dimensions: 60 x 26 x 15 in
Only available in the continental U.S.


The mission of Stroops: Power: The ability to act, accomplish; strength; might; force.
Stroops products are built for everyone.
Whether you are a pro athlete or undergoing rehabilitation, Stroops has a product for you.
The company developed innovative products to improve training results.

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