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Star Trac - STRc Treadmill

The Star Trac S-TRc Treadmill offers user-focused features like adjustable personal fans, easy programming options, a 3.0 HP motor and an exercise console with oversized buttons and text. Two personal fans offers adjustable speed settings and are integrated into the console. Other features include extended rubber-coated handrails and Soft Trac® triple cell cushioning system for maximum shock absorption.

The S-TRc is also pre-wired for Star Trac's optional S Series entertainment system, which includes a 15-inch LCD screen, NTSC/ATSC digital tuner, coaxial cable port for connecting to your cable or satellite set-top box, and integrated control keypad. The 5 HP motor has a speed range of 0.5 to 12.5 MPH (with 0.1 MPH incremental changes), and the deck has an incline range of up to 15 percent.

Performance Features
  • User-friendly console and keypad
  • 5HP AC Motor
  • Waxless belt and deck system
  • Soft Trac® triple cell cushioning system
  • PVS entertainment system with 15" LCD screen
Product Details
Dimensions :81" L x 58" H x 32" W
Unit Weight / User Weight Capacity :450 lbs. / 500 lbs.
Running Surface :60" L x 20" W (152 x 51 cm)
Electrical :110 volt, dedicated NEMA 5-20 cord; 220 volt, dedicated NEMA 6-15 cord (optional)*
Speed Range :0.5 to 12.5mph** (0.8 to 20 km/h**) in 0.1 mph (0.1 km/h) increments
0 to 15% in 0.5% increments

Star Trac®

Star Trac® is dedicated to making exercise a compelling experience, so that people want to make health and fitness a lifelong commitment. Through a combination of user-friendly, innovative products and education, Star Trac® continues to change the way in which exercise and fitness influences peoples lives, from the beginner to the professional athlete.

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